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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Republican “red wave” of success hit Iowa but didn’t across the country. The 2022 election put Iowa Republicans in a position that they haven’t enjoyed since the election of 1954: The governor, both U.S. senators and all U.S. house members will be Republicans.

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Donald Trump, the former president who won Iowa twice during his two presidential campaigns, isn’t guaranteed a 2024 Iowa Caucus victory, said Dave Kochel, a longtime GOP strategist. Kochel sees Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as Trump’s chief competitor at this point.

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Iowa Democrats have major work to do as they try to rebuild strength in the state. Rob Sand, the state auditor, will be the party’s only statewide official when new terms begin in January. Republicans will also hold a “supermajority” in the senate (34 of the 50 seats) and will likely have more than their current 60 of 100 house seats (a few races are undetermined until final canvasing). Two Democrats who ran for senate seats recommend that their party do more to engage with communities on the local level.

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Dave Kochel does this week’s Insiders Quick 6.