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Part 1: What is the 1776 Pledge?

The 1776 Pledge was created by 1776 Action, a group working to make “honest, patriotic education a central voting issue, primarily in state and local elections, where most decisions about education are made.”

Written on the homepage of the 1776 Action website,, is a mission statement: “Stopping the Anti-American Indoctrination of Our Children and Grandchildren.”

The 1776 Pledge is intended for American citizens, political candidates/officeholders, and educators. Three new members of the Johnston school board — Derek Tidball, Deb Davis and Clint Evans — took the pledge.

Critics of the 1776 Pledge say it is about ignoring the awful parts of U.S. history such as slavery and continued inequality. Supporters of the pledge say it’s about “loving your country and loving your neighbor,” and that it seeks to restore understanding of the founding principles of the U.S.

WHO 13 Political Director Dave Price spoke with 1776 Action president Adam Waldeck and 1776 Action board member Ryan Rhodes about their group’s mission.

Part 2: The new mission for Iowa’s former state epidemiologist

Dr. Patty Quinlisk served as Iowa’s epidemiologist for nearly a quarter century, tracking the latest disease outbreaks and concerns. Three years ago, she launched a new purpose. She now works with the YMCA to hold in-person and Zoom classes so Iowans can lower their risk for dementia.

Part 3: Why vaccines offer better protection against COVID-19 than natural immunity

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds talks more frequently about stopping COVID-19 vaccine mandates than encouraging Iowans to get vaccinated. She has also criticized the Biden administration for not talking more about how natural immunity protects people, not just the vaccine. Dr. Quinlisk says natural immunity may offer additional protection from getting re-infected with COVID-19, but it’s not more protection than a vaccine could offer.

Insiders Quick 6: Politicians on the move

Some Iowa politicians have decide to move to another town rather than face re-election in a new district. Dave Price looks at some of the key moves in this week’s Insiders Quick 6.

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