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Bob Vander Plaats, the president and CEO of the Family Leader, said that it is time for his party would move on from former president Donald Trump. Trump is running for president for a third time. But Vander Plaats said that he believes Republicans will have better choices than Trump.

Trump, who remains popular with some Iowa activists, faces several criminal investigations.

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Scott Brennan, a former Iowa Democratic Party chair and current member of the Democratic National Committee, said that it’s possible in 2024 that Iowans could actually caucus twice. The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is scheduled to meet this weekend in Washington, D.C. to decide which four or five states could get a waiver to hold their state’s caucus or primary before Super Tuesday.

Iowa Democrats know the odds are against them maintaining their first-in-the-nation status that they have held since 1972. Some activists in other states think that because of the 2020 caucus reporting issues, the party’s lack of success in the state over the past few elections and its lack of overall demographic diversity, it’s time for other states to hold their contests before Iowa.

Brennan believes that if the DNC doesn’t allow Iowa Democrats to remain first (Republicans have already decided that Iowa’s GOP caucuses will remain first in 2024), then it’s possible Iowans could take part in a Republican caucus and then participate in a Democratic caucus weeks later.

The parties have held their respective caucuses on the same night ever since 1976. Caucuses are party functions and not elections overseen by the secretary of state.

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Brennan also believes that even if the DNC doesn’t allowed Iowa’s Democratic caucuses to lead off the 2024 presidential nominating process, Iowans could still get to weigh in before other states. The party has proposed a series of changes to the DNC, one of which allows Iowans to make their presidential preference via mail before caucus night. Brennan said that the party could begin the process before the other states to which the DNC grants waivers. So, essentially Iowans would still get to begin the process.

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Bob Vander Plaats does this week’s Insiders Quick 6.