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DES MOINES, Iowa — The persistently high increase in annual inflation has made economic issues the top national issue for American voters going into Tuesday’s midterm elections. And the record number of apprehensions of migrants at the country’s southern border has also magnified decades of failed actions by numerous presidential administrations. Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from New Hartford seeking his 8th term, and Mike Franken, a Democrat and retired U.S. Navy Vice-Admiral from Sioux City making his second senate run, discussed the causes of immigration and possible solutions for the country’s immigration policies.

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Abortion rights have also become a more prominent issue this campaign cycle compared to previous years following the June U.S. Supreme Court decision that ended what had been a federal guarantee for the right to an abortion. Grassley and Franken have numerous differences on abortion rights.

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Senator Chuck Grassley has not had a close re-election race since he defeated Democratic U.S. Senator John Culver for the seat in 1980.

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Grassley and Franken share what they say will be the priorities if their party holds majority control of the U.S. senate next year.