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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican serving his second term, isn’t endorsing the Republican who wants to replace him, is looking at a possible presidential campaign, and doesn’t want Donald Trump to be his party’s nominee for president again.

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Hogan said that Republican candidates should talk to voters about economic matters. Other issues, matter, too, but he considers economic factors the most prominent right now.

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Too many teachers are burned out, worn out by politics, and dissatisfied with their pay and that’s leading to a shortage of teachers across the country. Des Moines Public Schools offered $50,000 in incentive pay for some veteran teachers to encourage them to stay in the classroom for another year.

Mark McDermott, associate dean for teacher education and student services at the University of Iowa College of Education, suggested that educators may find future teachers in college classrooms — students who might not have been planning on becoming teachers.

The United States might be 300,000 teachers short right now.

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan takes the Insiders Quick 6.