DES MOINES, Iowa — Christina Bohannan, a University of Iowa law professor and Democratic nominee for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, said that she would prefer a more targeted approach to student loan debt relief. President Joe Biden announced an effort to relieve borrowers from $10,000 in student loan debt ($20,000 if the borrower was eligible for a federal Pell Grant at the time). Bohannan said that she favors eliminating student loan debt for people working in professions serving underserved communities. She cited teachers and nurses.

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Bohannan, an Iowa City Democrat, said that she supports the Biden administration’s efforts to expand clean energy sources.

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U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm predicted a record year of oil production in the United States next year. She said that it’s not a contradiction to support record oil production and also push to expand clean energy production.

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Christina Bohannan does this week’s Insiders Quick 6.