Injuries and Irritation Levels, a Fourth of July Fireworks Wrap-Up

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URBANDALE, Iowa — So far, there haven’t been any serious fireworks-related injuries in central Iowa this Fourth of July holiday.

UnityPoint was the only hospital system to report firework injuries, treating 15 people for minor burns. All were released that day.

However, with the extended holiday weekend, there’s bound to be more fireworks shot off, and health experts are offering advice if you do end up burning yourself.

“Keep it clean. Don’t put anything on it that will stick to it. Even like our gauze pads, if you put that on a burn you almost have to tear the skin off when you remove the gauze. So, something non-stick like what the center of a Band-Aid looks like, but just keep it clean,” said nurse practitioner Janae Brown.

Brown says opt for cold water rather than ice, but just try to avoid getting hurt altogether.

“The best thing is prevention. Be sure you’re reading up on how to do it and make sure you’re old enough to do it,” she said.

Meanwhile, officers have been busy taking fireworks noise complaints. In Urbandale, they have had 55 calls but only issued one or two citations. One resident Channel 13 spoke with said some of the private shows became a distraction during the city’s show.

“There were some families that were shooting them off nearby and I don’t like it when that occurs because I’m there to enjoy the fireworks display,” said Ruth Doxon.

Others say they really didn’t have a problem with the noise and it tapered off at a reasonable hour.

“A little bit surprised, I guess. When you pass that legislation you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, so I think for the most part people have been respectful and they’re celebrating responsibly,” said Mark Tegels.

Urbandale is one of several metro areas that make shooting fireworks illegal at any time.


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