DES MOINES – The flowers are in full bloom along the Ingersoll Streetscape, However two plots are set aside for a community garden.

The Streetscape Salsa Garden started last year when shortly after the streetscape construction finished a resident planted vegetables in the empty plant beds. After its success last year its back in a more official capacity.

Lauren Kollauf, the Executive Director of The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand, said that many community organizations contributed to the garden this year.

“It’s called a community garden for a reason because it’s for the community it’s supported by the community. The Woodland Heights Neighborhood Organization was fully on board last year sort of jumping in at the last minute. Then this year we’re a little bit more organized we planned for it a little bit better and they were just as excited to take part this year” Kollauf said.

Once the garden bears fruit anyone walking by is free to pick the produce.

Kollauf said that the garden is an appreciated addition to the neighborhood.

“It’s great to have people actually want to be involved and bring something sort of special and unique to the neighborhood.” Kollauf said.

To learn more about the Streetscape Salsa Garden visit its website.