DES MOINES, IOWA — Ingersoll Avenue has reopened to two-way traffic, after being under construction for three years.

“We’re so excited for the future of the avenues of Ingersoll in Grand, we have this beautiful streetscape now from MLK to 28th completed,” said Lauren Kollauf, Executive Director of the Ingersoll and Grand Avenues District. “It’s a great connector of downtown to West Des Moines and it’s just created a more walkable neighborhood, a more beautiful neighborhood, hopefully, the area that people want to continue to shop in and dine in.”

Kollauf was celebrating the opening of the street by handing out Halloween candy to area businesses along Ingersoll.

Businesses have had to operate with the road under construction since March of 2020, which was the same month the Pandemic began in this country.

“I’m really proud of the business owners on Ingersoll,” said Kollauf. “They’ve been so patient and so resilient through this construction, with the road closures a lot of the businesses, people have gotten creative, and said you can park in back or you can do business with us online.”

“Freight was the big issue and lack of parking on the street,” said Trent Ainsworth of Beeline and Blue on Ingersoll. “It just looks really nice, I can’t wait for springtime to get everything planted, we’re just happy that it’s getting to completion.”

Some businesses along the road did experience loss of business but for Kathie Anderson of Tandem Brick, her business went up over the three years.

“We are doing okay, I think the fact that we’ve been here 45 years we have loyal customers, I have to say every day we have new customers also but we do have very loyal customers,” said Anderson.

She noted that the worst part for her, was this past couple of weeks, Ingersoll was closed in both directions.

“It really came to a screeching halt pretty much, as far as walk-in traffic,” said Anderson. and as far as people just stopping and shopping we could definitely feel it.”