INDIANOLA, Iowa — Many Americans don’t want to consider the possibility of a shooter storming into their home, business, or any other place to do harm. However, a crowd in Indianola decided to confront their fear head-on.

The Indianola Police Department hosted an active shooter defense training at Simpson College Thursday evening. About 50 people attended the seminar, which aimed to teach the recommended procedures if a mass shooting starts in your area.

The guidelines included ‘Run, Hide, Fight,’ which is the recommended order of operations if you find yourself around targeted gunshots. It also included the “ALICE” principle: alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.

Indianola Interim Police Chief Brian Sher said they organized the public training session because a slew of community members asked how to stay safe in a mass shooting following the deadly shooting in a Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

“I think there’s been more than 30 active shooters since Uvalde,” Sher said. “We’re getting them thinking that it can happen here and it did happen here back in 1995. It’s getting them thinking about how to protect themselves, their families, and secure their businesses.”

The 1995 incident Sher referred to is when Jerry Nichols shot and wounded his teenage son inside of an Indianola Hy-Vee that year.