Indianola Mayor Resigns Over Conflict with City Council & Other City Leadership


INDIANOLA, Iowa – The mayor of Indianola is resigning, effective noon Tuesday, after expressing his displeasure with the “provincial thinking of current leadership” within the city.

Kelly Shaw (WHO 13)

City Manager Ryan Waller confirms to WHO 13 that Mayor Kelly Shaw submitted his letter of resignation late Monday night to the city attorney.

In the letter, Shaw cites a conflict between his “broad and inclusive vision for Indianola” and the views of those in City Hall and on the City Council.

Shaw writes, in part, “By manipulating the balance of power between council and my office, and moving to place limitations on the representative function of my office, a gross injustice is being carried out against those we represent. This injustice not only takes the form of policy, but collective behaviors emanating from City Hall and the sitting City Council are used to isolate, ridicule, and intimidate others who fail to agree with their narrow beliefs and practices. It is a shameful practice, and one with which I choose to no longer have my name associated.”

Waller says Mayor Pro Tem Greta Southall will be responsible for mayoral duties as the city works with legal counsel to make the steps needed to fill the vacancy.

You can view the entire resignation letter below:


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