DES MOINES,  Iowa — With rising gas prices tourism leaders in Iowa are hoping some people will check out things to see that are closer to home.

“We’re still seeing a lot of pent-up demand from people who have not been able to travel for the last couple years,” said Jessica O’Riley, a spokesperson for Travel Iowa, the state’s tourism promotion agency. “So they’re willing to still make trade-offs, and maybe they won’t go as far are or they won’t take as many trips, but they will still travel .”

O’Riley said some industry research shows 90% of people are ready to travel somewhere this summer.

“We count a traveler as someone who has 50 miles or more one direction or stays overnight,” said O’Riley.  “So you can easily be a traveler right here in Iowa and you don’t have to go far to find great adventures.”

Travel Iowa is working on a list of attractions organized by interests for people seeking to be closer. That list will be available on their website.

“We’ve done some of the planning for you already,” O’Riley said. “There are scenic byways that are a great drive and you can stop along the way for cute little chocolate shops, Mom and Pop restaurants, museums, and really make a beautiful day of it just exploring the back roads of Iowa.”

This year Travel Iowa is also listing some farms where you can go and pick flowers for a fee, which is something they are offering for the first time.