Increased Political Ads Bring in Big Money as Midterms Get Closer

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IOWA  --  We’re just six days away from the midterm elections which means political ads are running non-stop. Channel 13 is required to air every single ad because of the Equal Access Law.

“The equal access law has been in place for quite some time. Television stations, if they accept one candidate for a particular race then they have to open it up to any competitive candidates of all of the parties,” Strategic America’s Chief Strategist Mike Schreurs said.

There are 28 candidates in Iowa running ads. Some are positive, but most are negative.

“Negative works, unfortunately, more than positive,” Schreurs said. “Sometimes you’re seeing some claims that are borderline truthful and borderline false. It’s not up to the station to necessarily make that decision because the candidate does have the right of first amendment speech.”

Schreurs said normally midterms don’t get to this level of intensity, “It’s a nationalized issue, it’s an issue related to the president and the policies and immigration and whatever the other hot button issue might be.”

He said there is a lot at stake in this election at both the state and national level, that’s why we are seeing so much money poured into advertising.

When looking at the number of ads you’re seeing just for the governor’s race you can see how much money is spent.

According to the FCC public file for records from WHO and KCCI, just this week alone, between the two stations, Fred Hubbell’s Campaign spent $590,350 on advertisements. Kim Reynolds’ Campaign spent $339,285 on advertisements.

Both campaigns did spend money with WOI because their ads are running on that station but those numbers were not on the FCC public file.


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