‘In-The-Loop’ Adds to Local Recycled Art at Metro Waste Authority Headquarters

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The Metro Waste Authority is celebrating 50 years by unveiling new local art outside its headquarters.

The masterpiece is called “In-The-Loop” By artist Dennis Reynolds. It is made out of recycled steel and scraps.

Metro Waste Authority Executive Director Michael McCoy said, “I guess the meaning of it is many different things. For me, it could be in the loop, the loop of recycling and garbage.”

The 2,500 pound 60 foot long piece took a year to create through multiple phases.

The gate is functional and acts as an emergency exit to the organization’s parking lot.

McCoy said the art piece shows people how a piece of “junk” can be transformed into something new, something beautiful, and something reusable.

“We are really stressing innovation in our agency over the last few years. That piece of art is a demonstration that innovation of both our staff as well as drawing in vendors or an artist to also show the importance of innovation for our communities and for the programs we run,” McCoy said.

This is the second installment of local art for the organization. Back in 2013 local artist Chris Vance painted “No Action Too Small” on the side of Metro Waste Authority’s building out of recycled paint.

McCoy said next year there will be some kind of mobile unit that will travel to different communities.

Metro Waste Authority’s headquarters are located at 300 E. Locust Street, Des Moines.


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