In-Person School Working in Story City


STORY CITY, Iowa — When Governor Reynolds held her news conference Wednesday she said she wants to get Iowa schools back to full-time in-person learning.

“By far the majority of schools have the kids back in the classroom five days a week, with layered mitigation efforts they’re doing everything they can to make sure those kids are there in a safe and responsible way,” said Reynolds. “I believe that’s what we need to do as Iowans.”

At the Roland-Story Schools, they’ve been full time in person, since the school year started on August 24th.

“I don’t know we’re doing anything significantly different than any other school district in the state,” said Supt. Of Schools Matt Patton. “We’ve been pretty diligent and our kids have been pretty compliant with the mitigation strategies we put in place, specifically wearing masks, while in the building and on school busses.”

The district has also followed state guidance for athletics, and made modifications to band and vocal and added an extra performance to the Fall Play to allow less people to be there each time.

“I’m very thankful, our community has been very supportive of the in-person learning modeL, since the beginning of school,” said Patton. “That kind of support from our community is really appreciated and it’s really allowed us to stay in school.”

There has been a handful of cases of COVID positive in students and staff, but they were in quarantine, so there was not an outbreak.

“The staff has been incredibly good at implementing mitigation strategies and providing opportunities for our kids to learn in person,” said Patton. They deserve all the praise right now for making sure we stay in school, and we continue in this learning model.”


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