In Iowa, Clinton Applauds Obama’s Upcoming Executive Action

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Former secretary of state and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton spoke to a room full of supporters Monday night in the atrium of the Iowa Historical Museum.

Clinton addressed the news of the day – She said she will stand up to the gun lobby and fight to get common sense gun safety measures.

Clinton applauded President Barack Obama, who said he is going to use executive authority to require more gun sellers to conduct background checks.

“I’m for comprehensive background checks. I want to close the gun show loophole, the online loophole, what they call the Charleston loophole. I want to end the immunity from liability that was given to the gun makers and sellers – the only business in America that was given that,” Clinton said.

Clinton was an hour late to the event, saying her campaign had to “de-ice” in Cedar Rapids, which took a lot longer than she thought it would.

Former Governor Tom Vilsack stood next to Clinton during the event, and he told the crowd how she helped get him elected.

In her stump speech, Clinton talked about what was at stake in this election, including the Affordable Care Act. She told her supporters that she would defend women’s rights and work to keep Planned Parenthood from being de-funded by the federal government.

Most of those who attended the event expressed support for Clinton.

“She just touched on all the important points, the reason that we are Democrats. The reason that we’re going to vote for her: Equal rights for women, equal rights for everyone,” said Phyllis Martin.

“I like how she appealed to all the women’s rights and making college more affordable for us,” said Nicole Dohm. “I’m a student at Drake right now, and it’s expensive. To be able to lower the cost for us will really help for us for the future.”

Francesca Cannon, 12, said that even though she can’t vote, she would vote for Clinton.

“The way she speaks and the way she reaches out to people is really kind,” Cannon said.

Clinton did not attack GOP rival Donald Trump specifically by name, but she invoked Trump’s campaign slogan, saying, “I happen to already think America is great, but we can be greater. But we don’t get greater by diving and by insulting, by engaging in hateful mean-spirited rhetoric.”


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