In Iowa, Bush Says He’s Proud of His Name, Experience as Governor

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URBANDALE, Iowa — Jeb Bush was at the Machine Shed in Urbandale on Wednesday, talking about his pride in being a Bush and his experience as Florida governor.

While his Iowa poll numbers are closer to nothing than to the top, the Westside Conservatives breakfast group of more than a 100 people gave him an interested audience.

Bush is the son and brother of presidents, and for Rod Shirk, the Bush name is an asset.

“You know what you’re getting with him,” Shirk said.

Shirk said he has already heard GOP candidates Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson speak, but he’s still making up his mind. He said he likes that Bush’s resume is ready for president.

And Bush laid out his accomplishments like an eager job applicant.

“When I was governor, we cut taxes every year totally $19 billion,” Bush said. “I’ve laid out the most detailed plans to take conservative principles that all of us believe in.”

Bush continued: “We grew our economy by 4.4percent per year during my eight years. The government grew by half of that. ”

He said he lives by the principles that Americans’ incomes need to grow faster than the government’s income.

Then, he turned his focus to rival Donald Trump.

“Here’s the deal. Donald Trump is not a conservative,” Bush said. “He’s a personality, I get that. And I guess he’s entertaining.”

Bush continued, saying Trump is not a serious candidate.

Shirk said he could have gone without Bush’s talk of Trump.

“I don’t think the attack mode is the right mode. I think put your best card forward. I don’t like the attack part,” he said.

Bush received just 4 percent of the votes among likely Republican Caucus attendees in the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Poll.


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