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DES MOINES, Iowa — Private school vouchers are something that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has tried to get passed through the Iowa Statehouse for two years. After failing to pass both chambers last year, the same could happen this session.

“I’m never gonna give up on that until they sign. And if we don’t do that, I’m going to come back next year,” said Reynolds.

The Iowa Senate passed the Governor’s bill two weeks ago, with several other additions. The Iowa House passed an education transparency bill as well that contained similar sections as the Senate’s; like parents getting access to lesson plans and educational material.

But the private school voucher program that would allow for 10,000 scholarships for students switching from public to private schools is where the two chambers are split. The Legislative Services Agency estimates that it will cost $55 million a year to fund the program. Reynolds responded on Wednesday about a lack of progress on the bill within the last two weeks.

“I believe so strongly, in giving every parent this opportunity in a pilot program,” said Reynolds “But I don’t believe that a parent because of the income that they make, should be the only one that has that opportunity.”

Lawmakers, parents, and administrators were concerned about the impact this program would have on public schools, especially in rural areas of Iowa.

“So I am saying that competition is not a bad thing, it is not going to take down our public school system. It is happening in states all across this country,” said Reynolds.

The legislative session is supposed to end next Tuesday, April 19. But if lawmakers don’t have final details ironed out they may have to stay longer than those allotted days. If compromises can’t be made, the private school voucher bill could be shelved until next session.