"I’M INNOCENT": A Clive Police Officer says he did not sexually assault a Clive woman

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A veteran Clive police officer will be in court next month, not as a witness for the prosecution but as a defendant in an assault case.

Clive Police Lieutenant John Brodersen was arrested last week. He’s accused of assaulting a woman at a Dallas county home on January 27th. Brodersen’s attorney says the Lieutenant and his wife went to play cards at a block party near their Clive home. Tom Graves says there was a lot of alcohol at the home. He says Brodersen did touch a woman at the party, but insists he did not sexually assault her.

“He was sitting by her and he touched her but it wasn’t sexual touching and it wasn’t offensive touching and she didn’t say anything about the touching,” says Graves.

Last Friday, Lt. John Brodersen, a 20 plus year veteran of the Clive Police Department, was charged with assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse. He’s on paid administrative leave, and must turn in his weapons to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Court documents state that Brodersen “.. touched the victim under her pants and underwear, moving his hands towards her genitals before she stopped him. Brodersen put his hand underneath her shirt, touching her bra and breast area with his bare hand.”

However, Brodersen’s attorney says what happened the night of the party is a big misunderstanding. He says Brodersen came late and left early, and that the alleged victim never said anything to him about feeling uncomfortable.

Tom Graves adds that it took several hours, and several 911 hang ups, to report the incident.

“They called and hung up and called and hung up and called again. It wasn’t like it was an instant decision plus their call came to police a couple hours after my client left the party,” says Graves.

Brodersen’s arraignment is on March 15. His attorney says he will plead not guilty. He adds the whole experience has been taxing on his family. Graves says Brodersen is eager to go to trial and clear his name.


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