‘I’m Blessed,’ Says Metro Woman After Surviving Hit and Run, Police Have Key Piece of Evidence

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A metro woman is recovering from a hit and run that happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. She says she is blessed to be alive.

After a night of karaoke at AJ’s Bar on East Court Avenue, 26-year-old Nicole Pirie headed to her car parked nearby. She planned to wait inside her car until the Uber she called to drive her home arrived.

“I remember going out and seeing that a car was coming so I didn’t open my door right away, and then the next thing I know I remember waking up on the ground and staring at my car. My first thought was like ‘how did that happen?'” said Pirie.

Witnesses say as the car approached Pirie, it swerved directly into her, smashing her against the side of her car before speeding off.

“He was probably going 30 to 35 miles per hour and I got hit head on from him,” she said.

Pirie suffered a large gash above her right eye, a broken finger and a body full of bruises and scratches. Incredibly, she called her mom herself after regaining her whereabouts.

“I think every stoplight turned red and it lasted for hours it seemed like, so it felt like it took forever to get there. I just wanted to get her to the hospital and they took her in right away and took care of her,” said her mother, Pam Prescott.

The family says they are lucky because they know it could have been worse.

“I just would have to say we’re blessed with our outcome. Some families aren’t so blessed and my heart goes out to them. We are very lucky. We’re very blessed,” said Prescott.

With Pirie on the road to recovery, the next step is for police to find the driver. Witnesses say the car was a red sedan and the impact tore the passenger side mirror off. Police have that piece of evidence and say they can figure out the make and model. Pirie hopes they catch the driver or the driver turns him or herself in.

“Obviously, I want justice. But beyond that, I don’t want someone else getting hit by a car and I don’t want that driver to be out there still roaming at night. The next person may not be as lucky as I was. They could kill somebody,” said Pirie.

Pirie is scheduled for plastic surgery on Monday to repair the three-inch gash over her eye. She hopes to fully recover in time to run a marathon in Hawaii that’s scheduled for October. Pirie also wants other pedestrians to know how defensive you have to be while entering and exiting their cars.


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