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IOWA — The Iowa High School Athletic Association will not be getting involved with any disciplinary actions handed down to Roland-Story wrestler Kade Blume who has agreed to plead guilty to felony assault in juvenile court after it was moved from adult court.

“Legally, we don’t have the standing to impose good conduct rules or penalties for violations of local schools’ good conduct policies,” Tom Keating with the IHSAA said.

Keating cited the 1972 US Supreme court case Bunger vs. IHSAA as a precedent.

“The court told the athletic association, in so many words, to stay out of the business of good conduct rules,” Keating said.

Jasmine Goeders, who resigned from the Roland-Story school board effective immediately Monday, learned Blume was back on the wrestling team after he won a tournament over the weekend.

“I don’t know any of us knew that he had been competing. I certainly didn’t and when I followed up with that I was told that the current policy dictates that he had to sit out twenty percent of his current athletic season which happens to be wrestling,” Goeders said.

Jasmine Goeders sits down with Elias Johnson to talk about her resignation from the Roland-Story school board.

Goeders was told Blume satisfied his suspension and was allowed to rejoin the team.

“As much as we wish everyone would understand our situation and what the law tells us, they don’t always understand. When they reach out we try and explain it to them,” Keating said.