BOONE, Iowa – A measure aimed at leveling the playing field for Iowa high schools with greater numbers of socioeconomically disadvantaged students has passed a vote by the member schools of the Iowa High School Athletic Association.

In an e-mail from the IHSAA’s Executive Director Tom Keating Friday, it was announced the vote to amend the organization’s articles of incorporation about the classification of football teams passed with 80% approval from those voting. It only needed approval from 60% of the membership schools that participated in the vote.

The amendment would change how schools are classified in the sport of football. Instead of relying only on the high school’s enrollment, as is the current case, the new measure would take into account the percentage of students enrolled who receive free or reduced lunches throughout the district. Only 60% of those students would count toward the school’s enrollment.

The IHSAA still has to get approval from the Iowa State Board of Education before the new classifications would take effect. It plans to submit the changes before December 27th so it can be put on the agenda for the January 12th meeting of the ISBE.

If the board passes the change, the new classifications will be put in place for the 2023 and 2024 football scheduling cycle.

Keating’s e-mail also addressed another issue the IHSAA’s Board of Control will consider after the reclassification matter is concluded. It said the board will review recommendations about the Eight-Player enrollment cap, which is currently at 120 students(or by exception).