ID KITS: Event In Memory Of Cousins

Lyric and Elizabeth were murdered near Evansdale

Parents in northeast Iowa spent the day remembering the lives of Evansdale Cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins while also trying to protect their own children.

The Dubuque Masonic Temple in Dubuque hosted an event for parents to get a free child identification kit.

The kit includes a brief web-cam interview of their child, photograph, finger prints, DNA cheek swab and a tooth print.

The ID kit would help parents and authorities if that child were to go missing.

An older cousin of the two murdered girls, Chris Stechman, says it helps keep Lyric and Elizabeth’s memory alive while helping other families.

Stechman said the numbers that go missing every year hit close to home.

“When you break it down to a per month there is about 59,000 in a single 12-month period. With Dubuque having a population of about 59,000 that really touched home that about every year the city of Dubuque goes missing over 12 times.”

Investigators have yet to announce any suspects in the girls’ abduction and murder.

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