WILLAIMS, Iowa — The cold snowy winter weather is not something most people look forward to, but at Tony’s Wrecker service that’s something Tony Nessa prepares for. 

Nessa’s crews were called from their base at the Williams exit to go out Thursday night and help keep the roadway open after being blocked by vehicles.

“Four o’clock yesterday afternoon, we had a second truck tipped over and we were out on that job till 10 to 10:30 last night,” said Nessa.

“We’ve got 35 work orders waiting for people to be pulled out.

Nessa can’t take all requests now, as he must wait for the tow ban in this area to be lifted, then he and his five wrecker trucks and crews will be real busy.

A while back Nessa acquired 50 ton and 75 ton wrecker trucks. They enable him to pick up huge heavy trucks in very tight spaces.

“They’re designed for you to work along the interstate where you can’t block or shut the interstate down, we can work off the side of the road,” said Nessa.

Nessa also has his son involved in the business, he runs the shop in Clear Lake. Nessa’s original shop is still running in Webster City.

Nessa said it’s worth it for him to be located along I-35 near Highway 20 

“Like from I-35 at Ellsworth to the north, that’s kind of where the change of weather is from the  Interstate, to Highway 69 East about where the weather changes and like at night and day black and white situation,” said Nessa.  It’s a pretty good area for the wrecker business.”

Nessa said he has around 30 people or so working for him. He said it’s a challenge to hire people.

“It’s either raining, or dark, or snowing, or cold and windy, we never have good conditions when it comes to do this,” said Nessa.