Ice Fishing Lingers in Iowa with the Cold Winter

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CLEAR LAKE, Iowa — Usually in March, most people are not talking about ice fishing in Iowa.

This year is different.

Winter’s solid grip has kept sub-zero temperatures hanging on into March. That makes for thick ice on Clear Lake. The ice is over two feet thick, enough to have pickups drive to a fishing spot on the south side of the lake.

“Usually we can get out in March, that second week in March. Once it gets to be this late, I mean obviously we’re all hoping for spring and some thaw to get the water flowing good, then get the boats out soon,” said Kevan Paul, who runs a fishing guide service and a bait shop in Clear Lake. “I’ve been fishing pretty much my whole life.”

Not only does Paul lead people to find where the fish are biting, he also rents out bunkhouses which are places where anglers can sleep and prepare meals. The units also have satellite TV and internet service.

“Saves a lot of people from driving up to northern Minnesota to use a house or facility like this,” said Paul. “It works out well for us. It’s just a nice little get away you can stay out on the ice.”

Paul says the 25 inches of ice could keep them fishing on ice for maybe a couple of weeks, weather depending.

If you want to know more about the fishing on Clear Lake, check Kevan Paul’s Guide Service Facebook page.


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