DES MOINES, Iowa — D.J. Jackson was sitting on his front porch on Route 28 in West Des Moines Thursday morning when a truck towing a trailer crashed straight into him. By Thursday afternoon, he was out of the hospital and able to look at the damage the crash left behind.

“I think I prayed about 30 times back to back, just saying, ‘thank you, thank you,'” Jackson said. “I feel like it could have been a lot worse.”

Jackson said he had no time to react when the truck barreled into his sun room just past the intersection of Route 28 and Vine Street.

“When I heard a bump, I was listening for what was going to be the next sound; that sound just so happened to be the truck smashing through my studio,” Jackson said.

Jackson was launched into the air in the crash, but was able to walk away with no broken bones.

“In two seconds, I heard the impact, saw a light and saw myself in the air,” Jackson said. “In those two seconds, I felt myself levitating.”

He said he suffered bruised ribs and cuts on his knees and head after the crash.

Jackson has lived at the house for four years. He said he had fears about a driver crashing into his young sons long before Thursday’s incident.

“It’s always been a concern of mine,” Jackson said. “I always try to teach them stay away from the road if we’re not there with you.”

He said the driver just missed running into his sons’ room instead of the front porch.

West Des Moines Police said the driver, 60-year-old Scott Wright of Des Moines, was not injured in the crash. Police are still investigating how Wright crashed into Jackson’s home.

Jackson said his family was already packing up to move to an apartment complex before the crash. He said he has no regrets about that decision after his brush with death.

“I’m very excited to move right now,” Jackson said. “I’m so ready to move.”