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INDIANOLA, Iowa — Thousands of heavy metal fans flocked to the National Balloon Classic Field in Indianola over the weekend for Knotfest, a festival created by the band Slipknot. However, fans were left disappointed by the long lines and a lack of water and security at the festival.

“The concert itself was spectacular. The bands were great. Even the ones I didn’t care to see put on a great show. The sound was great, screens were great, all that was fine. Everything else was terrible,” said Jim Byers, who was among the 30,000 fans to attend the festival.

Byers blames the festival’s production company, Mammoth, for the lack of organization.

“To walk from the start of that line at the back all the way to the front and back up to other end took me a minute and 44 seconds,” Byers said of the line to get water. “That’s a really, really long line. Far too long of a line for people who have been standing out in the sun potentially in mosh pits all day.”

Other attendees complained about the conditions at the festival on social media.

WHO 13 News reached out to Mammoth for comment, but they did not respond.

If you are among the people who want a refund, Mammoth’s website recommends reaching out to the ticketing company where you purchased your tickets.

Meanwhile, Byers has no plans to attend another concert organized by Mammoth.

“I wouldn’t have any issue if everything [were] set up properly, but when I drop $150 and this is the way it turns out, I feel ripped off,” Byers said.