DES MOINES, Iowa — Just before noon on Monday, Kyrie Jones was taking out her dog when she saw a window screen laying on the ground.

“I noticed the window screen was on the ground, a couple of things were thrown out the window and the window was open,” said Jones. “I was coming back in, I seen the little one poke his head out. And I was like ‘Go get mommy, go get mommy.'”

The little boy was the neighbor’s, and he was putting his head out of his family’s two-story home. Jones jumped into action, running to the front of her neighbor’s house, knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell. But, no answer.

“I don’t know if I just didn’t wait long enough or what…I called just the non-emergency number and just let them know I was kind of concerned,” said Jones.

The Des Moines Police Department got the call and responded within minutes.

Jones walked back to check on the toddler, but now he was hanging from the two-story window.

“I looked up and he was dangling from the window and he’s trying to pull himself, he was crying…I was screaming,” said Jones. “Anyways, within 30 to 60 seconds after I was standing underneath and he dropped. I just caught him. His feet barely touched, scraped the floor.”

The boy only had a couple of bumps and bruises from the fall. Jones wrapped the boy up and sat with him until the police arrived minutes later. She was in shock, sitting there and realizing what had just taken place in a short amount of time.

“Must have been someone above I should say,” said Jones. “If you see a baby in danger, or a child, you’re going to help.”

Jones has two daughters of her own and has a third on the way, she is 33 weeks pregnant and due in June. She said that she is fine besides a bruise or two.

DMPD told WHO 13 News that detectives and the DHS are following up with the toddler’s guardians.