Hy-Vee Donates Water to Chariton While City is Under a Boil Order

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CHARITON, Iowa — The city of Chariton is getting help while it is under a boil order.

Hy-Vee gave away more than 800 cases of water Friday. The city’s distribution system lost pressure Thursday night which could lead to bacterial contamination of the water.

People in Chariton were told to use bottled water or to boil water for drinking, brushing teeth or preparing food. The tap water can still be used for bathing. People in town say they are grateful for the bottled water.

“They are very thankful. You have to drive out of town if you didn’t get any at our Hy-Vee,” said Sarah Peterson, a registered dietitian at Hy-Vee.

The system has been repaired and bacteria samples are being collected. Once there is an all clear, the city will notify residents when the tap is safe to drink again.


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