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ALTOONA, Iowa — After raising millions of dollars for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Carson King will end up with a year’s supply of Busch Light after all.

Mike Schonhorst of Huxley personally bought 30 cases of Busch Light and delivered it to King on Monday. That is 720 cans of beer, which means King can average about two beers a day for a whole year.

Mike Schonhorst

Schonhorst, who owns General Insurance Agency in Huxley, said he didn’t do it to gain recognition. He wanted to give King the beer because it seemed like a tragedy to him that he went through so much and still didn’t get any beer.

“I made a joke to my wife that I’ve read too many Greek tragedies to let this one slide,” said Schonhorst. “What he did was simply amazing. He earned his reward. I was really disappointed when Busch cut ties but I can’t be too mad. They kept their word on matching the donation. Again, just didn’t seem right that he didn’t get the case of beer he was after to begin with.”

Schonhorst said he purchased the 30 cases with his own money from his “fun money fund.” It cost a little over $600, which was actually less than he expected.

“I saw Busch was originally going to do 24 cases, which seemed low.  And as I was trying to decide how many to buy, I guess 30 felt like a nice round number that wasn’t obscene,” said Schonhorst.

He said a manager at the Fareway store where he bought the beer decided to chip in $100 to help reduce the cost because he wanted to support Schonhorst’s generous act. He said the manager also gave King some Fareway memorabilia, pint glasses and koozies.

King remarked on Twitter that the sight of the 30 cases of Busch Light was “beautiful.” He is thankful for Schonhorst’s generosity.

“The generosity of everyone is overwhelming. Mike is the man. Mike, thank you so much. Iowa Nice is so, so real. Oh and for everyone worried about it not being enough for a year’s supply, I promise to drink responsibly,” said King.

King’s viral fundraiser raised over $3 million for the children’s hospital in Iowa City. King started the fundraiser as a joke when he held up a sign at ESPN’s “College GameDay” during the Cy-Hawk football game. King, an Iowa State fan, asked for donations to be sent to his Venmo account so he could buy more Busch Light. Once the donations topped $600, he decided to give the money to the children’s hospital in Iowa City. That’s when the donations starting increasing exponentially.

In addition to matching all the funds King raised, Busch Beer had initially pledged to give King a year’s supply of Busch Light for his efforts. But the beer company ended up cutting ties with King after a Des Moines Register reporter discovered offensive tweets he made as a 16-year-old. But with Schonhorst’s generous gift, King got his Busch Light in the end.