HUSER TRIAL: Defense Rests Its Case

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After three weeks of testimony both sides have rested in Vern Huser’s first degree murder trial.

Huser was back on the stand Friday morning to defend himself, answering questions this time from the prosecution.

The state questioned Huser about the affair that his wife had with Lance Morningstar and the emotions he felt after he found out.

“You threatened to kill him right?” asked Polk County Prosecutor Steve Foritano.

Huser responded saying, “I said I’d like to kill that damn one eye MF, yes I said that a couple times.”

Huser testified that he was upset with Morningstar in the beginning but said his anger shifted towards his wife Deb who he said was ultimately at fault.

“I was upset and said some things, I felt betrayed by Deb,” says Huser.

“and by Lance,” Foritano asked.

Huser responded saying, “Lance was single, she was married. She’s the one who betrayed me, Lance wasn’t really a friend of mine anyhow.”

The prosecution also questioned Huser about a yellow sticky note with Deb Huser’s new address on it.

The note was found in a box inside Louis Woolheaters home with other items linking him to the crime.

Woolheater is currently serving a life sentence for killing Morningstar.

Huser said he didn’t write the note and told the jury why.

“I have a habit and it`s not necessarily a good habit, but I don`t like writing on yellow stick-em`s. So when I break a package open, I either throw the yellow one in the waste basket or on someone else`s desk at the garbage route, and no I did not write that note,” said Huser.

The state maintains Huser had a friendship with Morningstar and after the affair felt betrayed leading to him to hire Woolheater.

However, Huser repeatedly testified that there never was a friendship to begin with.

“We were acquaintances, we knew each other for a long time, we knew each other`s families but we weren`t close at all,” says Huser.

Closing arguments are expected to begin Monday morning.


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