HUNGER SOLUTIONS: ‘Grow Method’ Plan

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More than a billion people in the world are hungry each day. About the same number are obese.

Wednesday people gathered in Des Moines to discuss solutions to both problems.

An award-winning chef and a set of principles were introduced at a special lunch.

Chef Jose Andres is in Des Moines as part of World Food Prize week.

He helped prepare a lunch including an appetizer, entrée and dessert. The appetizer focused on Iowa cheeses and nuts — all coming from Iowa farmers.

The entrée, butternut squash steak, was served cold to conserve energy.

The dessert of rice pudding used a new technique that conserves water.

The meal supports the “grow method.” It includes five steps: saving leftovers, eating seasonally ripe foods grown locally, eating less dairy and meat, supporting small-scale food producers, and cooking with less energy.

Speakers also talked about keeping ethanol out of fuel and instead keeping grain to feed the world. The group supports using other biofuels in gasoline


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