Huckabee Endorses Team VP

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Mike Huckabee, the one-time and possibly two-time candidate for president endorsed Bob Vander Plaats, the two-time and possibly three-time candidate for governor, even though Vander Plaats hasn’t officially said he is running next year. The two held events at Arnold’s Park in the Okoboji area near the Iowa-Minnesota border Wednesday afternoon and evening. But it seems VP is as likely to run as the Chicago Cubs are as likely NOT to win the World Series this year (I’m a Cardinals’ fan, remember:)

I wanted to asked Huckabee why he chose to endorse Vander P, before Vander P has even officially entered the race…and obviously before everyone even knows who the Republican candidates will be. But Huckabee’s handler ended the interview before I could (it seemed like Huckabee was running behind at that point).

Here are a few things Huckabee did talk about…
He told me he was “shocked” to hear about the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. He said “it was a downturn” for Iowa.

He blamed Chrylser and General Motor’s decisions to cut ties with dealers, in part, on President Obama’s administration’s involvement in their financial matters. He said dealers, “Suddenly find themselves thrown out. You might say not under the bus, but under the SUV.”

He also repeatedly criticized Obama’s administration for its record spending. Huckabee said, “The indebtedness that he’s brought about is more than all the presidents combined. He can’t blame George Bush on this.”

I asked Huckabee why anyone would give up all the money he is making these days (speeches, books, radio program, cable tv program). He said, “That’s a good question. Why would they? I very well may not. You know this whole idea that I’ve already got this figured out. I mean, Barack Obama hasn’t been president for six months yet.”


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