Hubbell Elementary Goes Above and Beyond For the Last Week of Black History Month

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DES MOINES, Iowa– As Black History Month comes to a close, one Des Moines Public School made sure it went above and beyond to celebrate this year. 

In the past, Hubbell Elementary celebrated this month like most — with simple lessons on notable historical figures. 

“It kind of started with you know the worksheets and the pack and reading some books to maybe a table and now it’s, you know, the whole month celebration,” Hubbell Elementary Principal, Carrie Belt said. 

Belt tells said Hubbell is bordering the lines of being considered a minority, majority school and are working to honor their students’ cultures whenever they can. 

The theme for this month was ‘Black Like Me’  a display to show their students they can make history just like those that came before them. 

“It’s really just celebrating kids and getting them to be proud of who they are and holding their heads up high and really understanding that there is no ceiling for them,” Belt said. 

Belt said in learning about their ancestors, many students have started to find their own causes to champion. Some things students said they want to achieve are fighting climate change and animal abuse as well as helping with immigration. 

Wednesday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., Hubbell Elementary will host an exhibit titled ‘What the World Would Be Without Black People’ to show how important African Americans are to American history. Belt said students have soaked up every minute of these different learning experiences. 

“It’s been really fun because, like we get to learn a lot about a bunch of people you might not know,” 2nd Grader, Jude Smith said. 

“It makes me feel good about being black,” 5th Grader, Ryan Stevenson said. 

In addition to the exhibit Wednesday, Hubbell Elementary will also be closing out the last week of Black History Month with an I Have A Dream walk to honor those from the civil rights movement. 


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