Hubbard Will Not Vote on Banning Guns on City Property

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HUBBARD, Iowa — The Hubbard Iowa City Council spent part of their regular meeting Monday night talking with concerned gun owners.  The Council had been requested to take some sort of measure to restrict guns after an incident at the town’s library.

An individual suffered a medical issue, and while this person was being treated it was discovered they were carrying two loaded handguns on their person. This caused concern on the library board and staff members about having guns in the library. They took their concern to the City Council.

After doing some research, the council learned that it probably did not have the authority to enact a ban, so the issue was basically dead., although state law prohibits firearms close to a school. The library is a block or so away from the South Hardin Middle School, so technically guns are not allowed.

The Iowa Gun Owners organization learned of the request of the City Council to consider a gun ban, and notified members. They also passed out flyers in Hubbard over the weekend.

The council and mayor spent time talking with the members, and told them there would be no gun ordinance proposed.

“So in Hubbard, with all the calls, emails, and Facebook notes the council and the mayor received, they just simply took the easy way out and did not bring the item up for a vote,” said Aaron Door, Executive Director of the Iowa Gun Owners.

“Contrary to what’s been presented by the Iowa Gun Owners, no decision is going to be made, or will be, there’s nothing to decide,” said Mayor Marshall Simmerman.

“I talked to the City Attorney, the League of Cities, and they recommended we don’t go down this path,” said Simmerman, referring to a possible ordinance banning guns. “There’s a lot of laws to deal with this issue.”

“There’s two ways an anti-gun city council proposal can go, places like Tama, or Dubuque, where we’ve stopped these in the past, the items actually go for a vote, and we’ve always defeated these things in the past,” said Dorr. “Other times the councils get afraid of the vote, they don’t want be on the record, they don’t want to give a yeah or nay, so they take more of the cowards way out, and refuse to even schedule a vote.”

Dorr said his organization stopped a proposed ordinance last week in North Liberty.

Mayor Simmerman said it was a matter that had already been studied and no action was already determined before the Iowa Gun Owners came to Hubbard. The mayor said that the library is a gun-free zone due to the state law prohibiting guns near a school. He said the City will take no action to erect any signs, since the city is not involved in the issue.

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