HUBBARD, Iowa — They came out by the hundreds to honor the Hubbard basketball star. Lisa Brinkmeyer VanDeventer was known for leading the Hubbard Radcliffe Girls basketball team to a state championship in 1993. She was also named Miss Basketball that year for Iowa.

Now the former standout is battling brain cancer and cancer in her back.

The town of Hubbard held a fundraiser at the Hubbard Golf Course to help VanDeventer pay for her medical treatments.

“I’ll go tomorrow or Wednesday and they’ll do a scan and labs and then I’ll meet with the doctor and he’ll talk to me a little bit about what the plan for attack is,” said VanDeventer. “Thankfully I’m feeling good, I’ve never felt really sick, I did before that’s why I went to the doctor, somethings not right in my system right now.”

The day at the golf course was spent talking to lots of old friends from the community, and fans who had cheered her on before, and are now cheering her on again.

She is known for her athletic accomplishments, but people here know the person. Assistant Director at the Iowa Girls Athletic Union, a mother, and wife. She could often be seen at the Girls Basketball State Tournament as the one directing girls where to go, and even handing out trophies.

“She was the most dominating athlete this area has seen, her, and Denise Long of Union, both Hardin County Girls, would’ve been two of the best athletes over the last 40-50 years that ever came out of the state of Iowa,” said Tom Ingebritson, who’s daughter played sports with VanDeventer. “She has brought so much pride to the community of Hubbard, I just thought it would be nice to say thanks and show it back, do something for her. The little town of Hubbard, nobody ever hears about, she was putting us on the map through her athletic ability.”

VanDeventer was appreciative of all the people who came out and friends who came to talk to her.

“So many people came up to me this morning and said I’m praying for you,” said VanDeventer. “I said well, keep them coming, because it’s working, because I’m here.”

The community effort to help VanDeventer will continue. Checks can be sent to her at the Hubbard City Hall.