DES MOINES – It’s the holiday season and that means the Salvation Army has its red kettles out collecting donations and those donations go to many different causes.

Major Butch Frost, the Iowa Capitol Area Coordinator for the Salvation Army, said that one of the key ways donations help the community is by funding their mobile social service center which provides assistance to rural communities.

“Everything that takes place on this bus is 100% funded by the community and the smaller communities throughout the rural areas where we service people there,” Frost said.

The mobile social service center is just one of the Salvation Army’s many programs. Another is their breakfast canteen which goes out three days a week around downtown Des Moines delivering meals to those in need.

The Salvation Army hopes to expand its breakfast canteen to five days a week service but can only do so if it reaches the fundraising goal. So far they are just under halfway there.

To learn more about how to donate or volunteer at the Salvation Army, visit their website.