DES MOINES – Monster Jam is in town this weekend at Wells Fargo Arena and it takes a lot of hard work to prepare the arena for the event.

Dirt is brought in the day of the event and removed the day that it ends. Wells Fargo Arena has its own supply of dirt specifically for these types of events that it reuses.

The mechanics who work on the trucks unload them from trailers that carry all the spare parts needed to replace any damage caused during the shows.

Another important aspect is safety for both the drivers and fans.

Tristan England, the driver of Earth Shaker, said that the safety features in the monster trucks are top-of-the-line.

“I am super fortunate that I have this equipment for me. I have a containment seat that is full-fit custom made for myself and each driver does too from ISP,” England said, “and then I have every five-point harness from Simpson and safety gear. We even have fire suppression safety inside the cab.”

England also said that hearing protection is important for fans to bring and use during events due to how loud the trucks are.

“Especially for the kiddos I know my son has always got to have ear protection because after doing this for so long you’re definitely going to need it,” England said.

Monster Jam has three shows this weekend, tickets are available on this website.