DES MOINES – The weather this Christmas is dangerously cold. The best way to deal with the cold is to stay inside but when that isn’t an option it’s important to wear the right clothing.

Dutch Geisinger, The Deputy Director of Polk County Emergency Management, said that covering up exposed skin is imperative.

“It doesn’t take long, 10-minute exposure to bare skin, that can result in frostbite so really truly encourage people to cover up as much as possible,” Geisinger said.

Dressing in layers is another important factor when it comes to preparing for -40 degree wind chills.

“Wear a hat make sure you’re wearing gloves, layers of pants,” Geisinger said, “the temperatures that were talking about for the next couple of days with what the windchills are gonna reach up to negative 40 degrees which again that exposure for a very short time can result in serious injuries.”

Geisinger also said that if possible you should stay out of the cold altogether.

“The best thing you can possibly do is limit your exposure. Even if you can’t get out of inside out of the outdoors get out of the wind as much as possible and stay away from those extreme wind chills, get to a place where the winds not blowing quite so much,” Geisinger said.

To learn more about how to stay safe during dangerous colds visit Polk County Emergency Management’s website.