DES MOINES – Dry January has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Restaurants have even joined the trend by adding mocktails or alcohol-free cocktails to their menus this month.

According to experts, there are many different benefits to participating in Dry January.

Katie Johnson, a registered dietician and board-certified health and wellness coach with UnitedHealth Group, said that the benefits are wide-reaching.

“One of the things we hear is that they sleep better as they try dry January. There are some things that matter a lot to people like weight loss, saving money,” Johnson said, “Another one that’s really important is improved mental clarity.”

Johnson said that one of the ways people can make sure they stick to Dry January is by setting smaller attainable goals. That means maybe just a reduction in drinking rather than complete abstinence.

Reducing the amount of drinking is called a “damp January.”

“Damp January is basically not going to the extreme of complete abstinence it is you know it’s gonna be less than I usually do and as a health coach what I’ve noticed is that people if you’re trying to sustain something that route tends to work a lot better for people than completely cutting something off,” Johnson said.