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DES MOINES, Iowa-  Between the planning, gift buying and family get-togethers, It is easy to let the holiday stress consume you. 

A Healthline survey found that over 60 percent of all respondents felt some stress during the holiday season.

A life coach and speaker, Jill Andersen has some tips to handle the holiday stress: 

  • Make a list: She recommends writing down all the things that you feel are causing stress. She said that this is an important tool as it helps you realize what is really worth doing and what can wait. 
  • Plan time for yourself: Understanding that you get to have a few minutes to yourself. Don’t burn yourself out on others. Allowing yourself to relax will make your holiday that much more enjoyable.
  • Recognize the why: Why are you stressed? Andersen says most of this pressure is self-imposed. Letting social media holiday trends get to you or engaging in controversial conversations are draining acts that you can recognize and prevent. 

Now Andersen says that holiday pressure is so common that following these practices may feel out of the ordinary.

“But it really is recognizing the why behind why you’re doing what you’re doing. Right like this is meant to be a joyful time. And we have way more choice and control in that than we realized I think so to really give yourself that moment and it may feel indulgent. It’ll feel weird in the beginning, because we’re not used to giving ourselves that space and that permission,” said Andersen.