DES MOINES – With the severe weather this past spring many Iowans are finding that their roofs are in need of repair.

Unfortunately, there are shady “Storm Chaser” contractors who look to take advantage of people after a severe storm.

They are called “Storm Chasers” because they show up right after a storm and then tell people that they have damage to their roofs and that they need repairs. Once they finish their work they disappear leaving customers to deal with any issues with their repair job.

Gerardo Perez, the owner of Andrew’s Roofing Company in Des Moines, says that he has seen an uptick of calls from customers over the past few years needing his help to fix storm chasers’ subpar work.

“Within actually the past two and a half years there’s been a spike in that after the derecho storm that hit in 2020 and the hail storm that hit last year,” Perez said, “We keep getting the phone calls coming through on that stuff especially this since we’ve had so much rain those calls just keep coming in.”

Perez and his father started Andrew’s Roofing Company and have been repairing roofs in Des Moines for over 25 years. They say a good way to avoid falling victim to storm chaser contractors is to stick with a local company.