DES MOINES – The rules around absentee voting have changed since the last election. Now absentee voters need to make sure their ballot is received by their County Elections Office before polls close at 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, November 8th.

On the Iowa Secretary of State’s website, Iowans can check to see if their absentee ballot has been received.

Jamie Fitzgerald, the Polk County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, said that election officials urge Iowans who are voting with absentee ballots to make sure that their ballot is received.

“That’s a statewide thing that we encourage every Iowan to do if you voted early make sure your ballot gets there if not you can vote your original ballot at your polling site,” Fitzgerald said.

Absentee ballot holders can also drop their ballots off at their county election office’s drop box. Polk County has a drop box at their election office that is open 24 hours.

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