DES MOINES, Iowa — While a bulk of holiday shopping done online may come with convenience, it also comes with the risk of porch pirates. Find out what you can do to make sure your packages stay secure this year.

The Des Moines Police Department Public Information Officer, Sgt. Paul Parizek said that while they know that a lot of these particular kinds of thefts occur, it is hard to specifically break down just how many package thefts there really are.

“Every year I look at these numbers to see how many thefts occurred, but I can’t break it down by package theft. It’s hard to break down specific package stuff. But I’m comfortable saying it’s a growing nationwide problem and we’re not immune to it,” said Parizek.

To combat this problem there are a few options. The safest, most reliable one would be to pick up the order directly at the store. Or take advantage of the locked package delivery options like Amazon and other companies have.

Another option would be having the delivery at a time you know you will be home or alert a neighbor that you will be receiving a package. 

But local law enforcement recommends that people who receive a lot of packages, or anyone for that matter, look into a surveillance camera for their front door area.

“You know, it’s getting to the point now where they’re affordable. And they’re accessible, you can get them in virtually any store. And most folks can install them themselves in the monitor from their smartphone,” said Parizek.

Like many communities, Des Moines has an option for residents and businesses to register their security cameras with DMPD. For more information on the community camera program click here.