DES MOINES, Iowa – Many people will be lighting off fireworks to celebrate the holiday weekend, but the loud booms can be stressful for our furry friends and may cause them to run off.

That’s why the Animal Rescue League of Iowa is warning pet owners to be prepared.

“If you have a pet who you know does not like those loud noises and flash and bangs that go off, keep them in the house where they’re safe,” Joe Stafford, director of animal services with the ARL, said. “Pull the shades where it will offer a little bit of sound dampening, and mostly be aware that your pet might react in an unexpected way.”

Stafford also says it’s important to make sure your pets have identification tags or microchips.

“That way if worst case scenario happens and on July the fourth or sometime over the weekend a pet gets out and we pick it up, we can bring it back to your family in a very timely manner,” Stafford explains, “avoiding a stay in the shelter in a strange environment where no pet really needs to be.”

Stafford also recommends talking to a vet about medications or supplements that could help your pet with anxiety.