How to Break a Car Window, the Right Way

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Eastern Iowa firefighters are offering some helpful tips on how to break into a car for good reason.

Des Moines police say they won't fault anyone who breaks a car window to save a child or pet locked inside on a hot day.

Waterloo firefighters want you to do it right.

They say reach for the sharpest tool you can find, not the biggest.

“If you take a baseball bat or a 2x4 and hit that tempered glass window, odds are pretty good that you're not going to get through it. But if you use something that's pointy and sharp like this, a center punch or a pick-head ax, something sharp that's going to get into the window for you,” said Mike Moore, of the Waterloo Fire Department.

Firefighters say everyone should be "situationally aware" during oppressive heat waves. That means paying attention in parking lots and listening for screaming children or pets.


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