How is it possible ….

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I am feeling exceptionally scatter-brained today, so it’s a random thoughts edition of “How is it possible …. “

* To eat fried chicken twice in one week and still be craving it?

* To have a three day weekend and still feel not ready to be back at work?

* For the weather in Iowa to be so amazing during the end of July and beginning of August?

* That it’s the beginning of August?!?

* To clean the kitchen floor multiple times in a weekend and still have it be dirty today?

* To love an animal so much you cry just thinking about it dying.

* For a bunch of errands to take an entire afternoon?

* For some people to be so mean?

* And others be so kind?

* To sleep eight hours and still be exhausted?

I can’t hold a thought … ugh.
I hope you all have a fabulous week.
As always, thanks for stopping by and for dropping comments and emails.


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