DES MOINES, Iowa — It is tough for the average individual to battle the heatwave that is melting the state; but homeless people in the metro area are dealing with the scorching temperatures without air conditioning.

One local non-profit is making sure that those in the homeless community have the resources they need to battle the extreme temperatures outside.

“So, for the Homeless Resource Center, it offers a number of resources for people experiencing homelessness so they can get plugged in, get referrals at appointments,” said Joe Stevens, Joppa co-founder and CEO. “We’ve got a phone booth, we got a water filling station, bathroom, food and just resources.”

On Tuesday the non-profit put those resources on wheels. Volunteers drove around in a van and dropped off packs of water bottles to those in homeless camps around the metro.

“You know, most of the people, their gratitude for us, they’re just so thankful that someone is looking out for them. In fact, last Sunday, a woman said to me, ‘I just want to know that someone cares.’ And I said, I do. I do care. And Joppa cares about you. And so we want to make sure that they know that it’s also to make sure that our clients know that they’re doing all right and find out if they need anything else,” said Becky Johnson, a Joppa volunteer from Ankeny.

“And we feel pretty grateful for our own situation. And so we’re pretty sympathetic toward the folks on the other side,” said Kevin, Becky’s husband.

Becky and Kevin volunteer every third Sunday of the month to Joppa. For those looking to volunteer or donate, visit Joppa’s website.