DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa House Republicans moved Governor Kim Reynolds’ bill on school transparency and parent’s rights one step closer to being safe from this week’s funnel deadline.

On Wednesday in a House education subcommittee, representatives advanced the bill out to the full committee by a vote down party lines.

The bill just passed through the senate last week. The legislation prohibits education on gender identity and sexual orientation in grades K-6. It requires parental consent for a student to be identified with pronouns if different from their biological sex. And it allows parents to challenge books in school libraries they deem as inappropriate and remove them, creating a statewide removal list.

House lawmakers heard from members of the public concerned that this bill is picking on LGBTQ students.

“If you pass this bill there is going to be even more children, even younger than her, having those feelings inside,” said Sarah Small Carter, a parent to a 9-year-old transgender daughter from Fort Dodge. “Because their gender identity, their identity, the core of who they are is being suppressed.”

Parents in support of the legislation spoke out too, saying that this bill is the only way parents can have control over their child’s education.

“These are all common sense things that should be happening anyways in our schools but are not. Parents have proven this to our legislators by providing countless examples from our schools. Our children’s innocence has to be protected and parental rights has to be honored,” said Pam Gronau, a parent and a member of the Mom’s For Liberty Polk County chapter.

The bill will be amended according to Iowa State Representative Skyler Wheeler, the chair of the House Education committee. But he did not say what would be added or what would be taken out. The bill is set to be considered during committee on Thursday, and if lawmakers vote to advance it the bill survives the second funnel deadline.