DAYTON, Iowa — The forecast of 96 degree weather was not stopping the people of the Dayton area. Labor Day morning the town celebrated with a parade, and then the rodeo.

The Dayton Parade Marshall was Rob Lauer, from Lehigh. He had been around the Dayton Rodeo since he was five years old. This year the 80 year old was named Parade Marshall.

“I don’t have any horses now, but used to ride bulls and broncs, ended up bull dogging cattle and stuff.,” said Lauer. “Well, just come and enjoy it, it’s got good seating, perfect seating, you can see everything. People are proud of this arena.”

“Well, listen folks, no excuses, the bull riders got a ride  in this heat, the bulldogers got to bulldog in this heat,” said Rodeo Announcer,Boyd Polhamus. “The barrell racers got to run in the heat, just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you can take Monday off.”

Polhamus added that it’s often on the last day Riding Championships can be won.

“It’s hot, but when we had to go down to the State Fair for the competition, it was just as hot, so I kind of just have to get used to it,” said Althea Ball, the Webster County Fair Queen. She was wearing her crown while sitting in the sun.

“Probably be in the sun drink lots of water, of course we were at the Iowa game on Saturday so that was super hot too, so go Hawks,” said Brian Ouverson, a local banker, and Mayor of nearby Stratford. “It’s just amazing the amount of people you see here, and the age difference with everything that’s going on, it’s just amazing how much they put on here.”